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Suppliers of Peat Free Organic Coir composts and Coir Coco Peat Products.

Coir Bale, Coir Blocks, Seed, Potting , Multpurpose Compost.


Things that we do.

We have just finished manufacturing and bagging 1000 bags of compost in 3 Litre bags part of a bigger order of 5000 bags. We used a special mix of Fertile Fibre that is dry, The advantage for the customer is that the product is lighter that conventional composts therefore saving on weight. It also has the benefit of being Soil Association approved.

If you would like to talk to us about coir compost for your products please call us on 01432853111 or email info@fertilefibre.com

Below are some pictures of what we can do:


NRM Salmonella report on Fertile Fibre coir NEGATIVE


New bag advice from the GMA on bag labeling,


We are changing Coir is becoming more advanced and therefore we will be offering all types of coir, Organic and non organic.

We sell B2B and B2C.

We sell 1 bale to a container load.

We can bag it to your requirements in your bags or label or logo.

Dry, wet, bale ,block, big or small.


We would like to thank the RSPB for no help what so ever in promoting our peat free composts. We have been peat free compost producers for 20 years and nothing , not even listed on there website as a peat free compost supplier. They are only interested if I pay. So Mr Big I Am RSPB I’m not. We’ve lasted 20 years with no help and have saved 75 acres of peat bog habitat so far and still counting. Am thinking of setting my own group for saving peat bogs.


Peat Harvesting is down this year meaning there will be a shortage of Peat. Only 1/5 of the peat needed has been harvested.


B & Q have gone back to Peat . What a surprise. I can’t wait to see that environmental report or impact study.


First Day back in the office now what was I doing? I’m sorry to say prices have gone up, we are having to pass on increased costs to you. Vermiculite has gone from being free, when we use to use the waste from a factory to being double what it was in April. This is something to do with shortage of Vermiculite, which I am told comes from South Afica and China.

Delivery charges have gone up on the rise of fuel. Today it is £1.30 a litre. It seems only yesterday that it was 81p. The cheapest I ever bought red diesel for was 9p some 12 years ago.

Shipping costs have also gone up, The shipping companies I am told made such a loss during the recession that they need to claw back some money, They also tell me that outside China is like a harbour with all the boats tied up. The other problem is getting space on a boat.

Plastic for the bags has gone up because of the oil price. Strange how the crude barrel price is still the same? And don’t get me started on utilities.


Happy New year to you all. My New Year resolution is to keep more information on these pages for you all to read.


We have had to take our lorry off the road so we will not be doing any more deliveries ourselves. Sorry as it was always great to catch up.


Check your inbox for an email from Fertile Fibre to claim your 5% discount in November.


Overseas Business opportunity. Fertile Fibre welcomes any inquires about business opportunities overseas.

At present we deal with France, Norway and Ireland.


Fertile Fibre is please to announce that we now offer consultation on new concepts and products.

We can design and manufacture and package new products for you.

We can develop a compost that suits your requirements, a new blend or a dry compost for the gift market( save on shipping)


Examples: We produce a 100% dry compost for a major gift product that is retailed all over the world.

We are working with other compost producers in improving the quality of their products ready for market.

We are working with another company who are launching a new organic soil improver/ fertilizer which we make, package and deliver.

We offer full packaging and delivery service any size any where.

So why not contact us on 01432 853111 or email info@fertilefibre.com to discuss your requirements – confidentially.


Fertile Fibre Coupons available now, check email boxes.


Fertile Fibre will be releasing three new composts in the New Year.


Oil absorbent coir is now available from Fertile fibre at neck-breaking low prices. Available from shop, more info to follow.


Fertile Fibre Shop is now available without opening an account. One stop shop for easy of use.


Fertile Fibre Has started selling Sterilized Loam in bags available from shop.


We have at last dumped Barclaycard into touch and am now using Sage Pay, quicker and easier.


New Royal customer today – can’t say any more.

Fertile Fibre and Vegrow nutrients are now available at shop. http://fertile.i-testsite.co.uk/blog/shop/index.php/cPath/41

Fertile Fibre Coir products now available on EBAY.

Fertile Fibre has been in discussion with a new Company specializing in Carbon Reduction about producing a range of composts and fertilisers for them, of course all Organic.

New Watch Me Grow blocks available from Oxfam.

Fertile Fibre Seed and Potting Compost available from River Cottage.

Phil Tranter has returned to the work and left again.

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  1. Also delivering to another National Trust property, a new National Trust property has come online evryday this week.

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