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Ingredients used to produce Fertile Fibre

Fertile Fibre’s raw materials are first checked for quality. They are then processed, blended and packed according to the local and international standards that are set down by the National Accreditation scheme affecting that product. This gives us complete satisfaction that all raw materials are consistent, and efficiently sourced and organically farmed.

Where from and when?

On arrival at our factory a full traceability scheme is in order from delivery to warehouse, storage and stock to mixing and finally to delivery. We hold records from the state of the delivery lorry to name of the driver on dispatch.

How we produce coir compost

First the coir is soaked. This is energy efficient and ensures that the structure and consistency is preserved

We then add nutrients. These are organic and Soil Association approved. They are finely ground to ensure thorough dispersion through the coir base. pH is neutral, and our quality control verifies that it remains in the range 5.4–6.0.

Our organic nutrients are released gradually, and in low concentrations. This reduces the need for top-up feeding. Competitors’ coir which has had chemicals added cannot promise this benefit.

This has been proven in ADAS testing.

Fertile Fibre is a trademark of Fertile Fibre Limited.

Ingredients used in Fertile Fibre

  • Coir / Cocopeat
  • Grow Bark
  • Potting Bark
  • Vermiculite
  • Perlite
  • Sterilised Loam
  • Fertile Fibre nutrient bases

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