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All our prices include VAT and delivery on the UK mainland.

Small orders

Small orders will be in individual bags delivered to your chosen address. Fertile Fibre uses a national courier service which will deliver you product to you. We always ask for them to ring before delivery but the general rule is “if they know your address they won’t”. They normally ring if lost or running late.

Your purchase could arrive in individual bags or on a pallet. Please check when your order is delivered:

  • the right quantity has been delivered
  • the right product is there
  • the paperwork that arrived with the pallet is in order

What happens if an order is damaged or an item is missing?

We take full due care and attention to make sure all purchases arrive in the same condition as they left us. On the odd occasion this may not be the case, if you find an item short or damage please contact Fertile Fibre on 01432 853111.

What happens if my order doesn’t arrive?

We will only know if your purchase hasn’t arrived if you tell us. If it has not arrived, please contact us on 01432 853111.

We will liaise with the courier company and locate the purchase. We will then update you with a new delivery time.

Large orders

Large orders (multiple bags) will come on a pallet which is then yours to keep. Fertile Fibre does not have the capacity to pick up this pallet. Please recycle or re-use the pallet. They make great firewood.

Delivery to Ireland and Europe

We can deliver to Ireland and Europe for an additional charge. Please call us on 01432 853111 or email info@fertilefibre.com to discuss further.