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Help with new products: business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2B)

Do you need someone to design, manufacture and package new coir compost products for you? We can develop a peat free compost that suits your requirements, a new blend or a dry compost for the gift market. Save on shipping. All our peat-free coir compost certified by The Soil Association.

Example projects

  • We produce a 100% dry coir compost for a major gift product that’s sold across the world.
  • We’re working with other compost producers to improve the quality of their products ready for market
  • We are working with another company who are launching a new organic compost , soil improver/ fertilizer which we make, package and deliver.
  • We are working at producing smaller bags for the retail market in one litre and three litre bags.
  • We source different size coir blocks from the normal bales and briquettes.
  • We source different coir for all growing environments.

We offer full packaging and delivery service, any size, anywhere.

Next steps

Contact us on 01432 853111 or email info@fertilefibre.com to discuss your requirements – confidentially.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re always happy to answer any questions about our products. Some of the most popular ones are on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

3 thoughts on “Consultation Service

  1. I am complete beginner ……

    i have 4 raised veg/fruit beds and have been told i need to dig in organic matter to enrich and lighten the soil – what should i use? (sterilised for preference)
    Carolyn Hi

  2. I would use coir bales which when rehydrated and mixed with your soil will creat a great media for you to grow in aswell as improving your soil structure and making it lighter. If you think that you are lacking in some nutrient i would use fertile fibre 5F’s fertiliser which is mixed balanced fertilizer.

  3. Dear Sir / Madam, I wish to re-pot some insectivorous plants- Venus Fly Trap & Pitcher Plants – and the recommended medium is peat moss. Please would you advise whether or which of your products would be a suitable replacement. Thank you. Regards Ian Hoskin

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