Best Substrate For A Reptile Tank Or Terrarium

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You lavish care and attention on your prized chameleon, snake, lizard or spider. But is the setting of your terrarium or reptile tank letting you down? We have the answer.

From Sri Lanka to your terrarium

Rehydrated coir is perfect for a terrarium
Coir made from coconut husks is visually authentic and perfect for terrariums. We know jungle species seek it out as we’ve had the odd snake turn up in our shipments. They were fortunately unharmed and only a little grumpy!

Suitable for a Noah’s Ark of species

Coir blocks work well for:

  • amphibians
  • chameleons
  • iguanas
  • lizards
  • snakes
  • spiders
  • turtles and tortoises


Our coir blocks are made solely from compressed, organically certified, coir. For a moist substrate you just add water. Coir is non abrasive to skin and eyes and is not toxic. It’s also completely harmless if ingested.

How to rehydrate a coir block

  1. Simply place a block in a tray or bucket and add approximately three litres of water. Warm water works faster.
  2. Leave for one hour to expand fully
  3. Wring out excess moisture if desired and use.
  4. Check out our step by step video.

Use it in the garden afterwards

Once used, the coir can be easily composted or spread directly onto the garden as a soil improver.

How much do I need?

A 40 gallon terrarium needs a 650 gram coir block. This expands to 8 litres of reconstituted coir. You buy coir blocks online – includes VAT and free shipping in the UK.

If you have something larger, a 5Kg coir bale expands to 65 litres of coir. You can buy coir bales online from us – again, VAT and UK shipping is included.

Trade and shipping questions?

We welcome enquiries from trade customers for bulk orders of coir. We also are prepared to ship abroad – please ring us for more details 01432 853 111 or email info@fertilefibre.com

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