Coir Bales

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Our specially selected compressed 5Kg Fertile Fibre premium coir bales expand to make approximately 70 litres. We have been selling coir products for over 20 years and only select the best coir from the best manufacturers. We buy direct from Sri Lanka and know what our customers want.

We can supply Coir Coco in different sizes and types from one bale to a lorry load.

How to use coir bales

Use as a base for your own compost; add composted bark for drainage, plus some 5Fs fertiliser, and create your own high quality compost. We stock all the products you need to create you own compost from your Coir Bales in our online shop.

Tried and tested

All Fertile Fibre coir is quality controlled, from sustainable organic sources at least 50 miles from the ocean. To ensure freedom from salt.

Our tests include electric conductivity, pH, density and consistency, sodium and potassium. Only when we are happy will we release it for sale. Coir is the ideal medium for hydroponics.

A step by step video guide on how to rehydrate your coir bale

How to order

You can order as many bales as you need, from 1 to 1000. Your bales can be loose or individually shrink wrapped. Please take a look at our selection of coir bales in our online shop.

If you wish to enquire about trade prices then please contact us at info@fertilefibre.com or 01432 853111

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