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We produce three different nutrients: NB1, NB3 and NB5 to add to our peatfree compost. We carefully select the ingredients from reputable suppliers and each delivery or batch is analysed to make sure it conforms with Fertile Fibres strong quality control. The batch analysis is checked against our data base and alterations are changed accordingly. Any deliveries not meeting this standard are rejected. Once a new batch is made they are mixed and stored ready for use.

Nutrients: NB1

This was first produced by W.L. Dingleys for Fertile Fibre over 20 years ago. We produce our own nutrients for use in organic systems. They are a blend of ingredients that are uniquely blended for use with coir. They contain all the trace elements that a plant requires and are slow release.

NB1 is used in all Fertile Fibre Compost and included at varying amounts depending in type of compost.

compost ingredients - NB1 nutrients


Designed for the use in intensive herb production under glass. NB3 is found in the high-end compost used to produce potted herbs grown in a greenhouse. It is a unique blend of ingredients that produce a higher nitrogen nutrient that NB1.

Can be bought separately

Available to purchase separately. Only available in compost under special agreement. Please contact us at info@fertilefibre.com or 01432 853111 to enquire about this product.

Nutrients: NB5

100% vegetable based nutrient for use in all vegan approved products. Fertile Fibre’s NB5 is a unique blend of vegetable ingredients for use in all VeGro compost.

compost ingredients - NB5 nutrients


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