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This natural mineral expands with the application of heat. Vermiculite is the shiny material you find in our composts.

What does it do?

Vermiculite has a high cation exchange capacity at 100-150 meq / 100g . This gives it the ability to hold nutrients and release them when required.

It provides insulation and enough light for the seedlings to germinate.

Where and when is it used?

It’s a very lightweight material used in growing media, hydroponic systems and also in covering seedlings.

Available within composts and separately

Fertile Fibre uses exfoliated vermiculite in our seed and multipurpose composts. We also sell it in 35 litre and 60 litre bags to the public and trade. You can buy it as Large, Medium and Fine.

Different sizes of vermiculite

Video: How to mix vermiculite with your compost

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