Multipurpose Compost

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The low fibrous content of Fertile Fibre’s Multipurpose compost means it’s good for seed sowing and seed trays. It’s also suitable for potting on, giving plants a new lease of life with the benefit of available nutrients. Multipurpose is an all round compost that can handle all jobs.

Some customers use multipurpose for all gardening jobs, some use our Seed compost followed by our Potting compost. It’s your choice, whatever suits your way of growing! And most importantly whatever suits the plants best.

Our Multipurpose compost contains Fertile Fibre’s unique nutrients at a level low enough for germination, but also high enough for established plants. This is also ideal for seed germination in hydroponic systems.

Tips for use

Avoid over watering. Follow the Fertile Fibre rule ‘little and often’.

Multipurpose Compost ingredients:

How to pot up with Fertile Fibre video

How to buy

You can buy online – please take a look at our selection of organic peat-free mulitpurpose composts. Or you’re welcome to email us at info@fertilefibre.com or call us on 01432 853111 to place an order.