Potting Compost

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Fertile Fibre’s Potting Compost mix is a blend of six materials which work together to make a unique and excellent growing medium. It’s ideal for planting out and potting on a wide variety of plants.

The Fertile Fibre Potting Compost mix has a high level of Fertile Fibre’s unique organic nutrient.

Tips for using coir compost

As with all Fertile Fibre composts, make sure you do not compress the compost too much leaving room for plants to grow. However not so loose that the plant is unstable.

Don’t overwater coir, as it has excellent water retention properties. To avoid the risk of water logging follow the ‘little and often’ principle.

Potting Compost Ingredients

How to buy

You can buy online – please take a look at our selection of organic peat-free potting composts. Or you’re welcome to email us at info@fertilefibre.com or call us on 01432 853111 to place an order.

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