Specialist growing media and composts

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Most plants flourish using our standard compost mixes. We suggest you try these first to understand their potential and see what suits your methods of growing best.

Beyond these we offer this range of specialist growing media:

Organic Tree and Shrub Potting Compost

For small to large containers, this mix has added bark for improved drainage. It will rejuvenate tired-looking plants for a long growing season.

Available with added ballast to help keep the plant stable in windy conditions if required.

Winter Seed Compost

Added vermiculite (15%) for extra insulation, and helps improve water retention over a long winter. Fertile Fibre’s water retention qualities are high, so take special care when watering this product and check soil moisture before watering again.

Organic Modular Seed Compost

Superfine coir in this mix is ideal for modular systems. Designed for small plug culture, this gives potting machines an easy life.

Organic Potting Loam Mix Compost

Compost with 5% added sterilised loam to create a balanced compost. Inspired by JI No.2.

Organic Potting Loam-Plus Mix Compost

A specialised mix for growers who require a fine balanced compost using sterilized loam. Also provides increased ballast to help stabilise pots in windy conditions.

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