Vegro composts – vegan and vegetarian-friendly

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Fertile Fibre’s Vegro composts incorporates┬áthe fine quality and ethical standards of our other composts. Plus everything in them is acceptable to vegetarians and vegans.

All Vegro composts are certified by The Vegan Society. Vegro means organic, peat free and completely vegetable in origin. The Vegro range includes seed, multipurpose and potting composts.

For the perfect complementary fertilizer we recommend Fertile Fibres 5Fs pelleted fertilizer.

Vegro Seed Compost

Our Vegro growing medium is ideal for seed, cuttings and propagation. It includes low levels of Fertile Fibre unique nutrient base. Also you’ll benefit from vermiculite’s excellent insulating properties.

It is perfect for germination and root development. Our compost is specially formulated to give your seed or cuttings the best possible start.

Tips when using seed compost

Do not overwater coir as it has good water retention properties. To avoid the risk of water logging, follow the ‘little and often’ principle.

Once roots are established, pot out or for healthier plants transplant into Vegro Potting Compost.

Vegro seed compost ingredients

Vegro Multipurpose Compost

You can use Vegro Multipurpose Compost for sowing seed, potting plants and more. This general use Vegro growing medium is great for seed transplants, containers and all your growing needs. It’s ideal for seed germination in hydroponic systems.

The unique nutrients are at a low enough level for germination, but high enough for established plants.

Its low fibrous content is good for seed trays and water absorption. You can also use it for potting plants or giving a plant a new lease of life. It’s an all round compost that can handle all jobs.

Some customers use Multipurpose for all gardening jobs. Others use seed compost followed by potting.

Tips when using multipurpose compost

Avoid over watering. Follow the Fertile Fibre rule of ‘little and often’.

Vegro Multipurpose compost ingredients:

Vegro Potting Compost

Vegro Potting compost is a blend of materials. They create an excellent growing medium for planting out and potting on. It’s suitable for a wide range of plants in any growing situation.

It incorporates a high level of Fertile Fibre unique organic nutrient.

Tips when using Vegro Potting compost

As with all Fertile Fibre composts, leave compost un-pressed in pots leaving room for plants to grow. However it should be firm enough to give the plant stability.

Vegro Potting compost ingredients

How to buy

You can order Vegro Seed, Potting and Multipurpose Composts online.

Vegro Composts: Specialist mixes

Most plants flourish using our standard compost mixes. We suggest you use these first to understand their potential. Beyond these, we offer this range of specialised Vegro composts:

Organic Tree and Shrub Potting Compost

For small to large containers, this mix has added bark for improved drainage. It will rejuvenate tired-looking plants for a long growing season.

Available with added ballast to add weight. This will help keep the plant stable in windy conditions.

Winter Seed Compost

In this mix we increase the vermiculite level to 15% for extra insulation. This also helps improve water retention over a long winter. Fertile Fibre’s water retention qualities are high, so take special care when watering this product. Check soil moisture before watering again.

Organic Modular Seed Compost

Superfine coir in this mix is ideal for modular systems. Designed for small plug culture, this gives potting machines an easy life.

Organic Potting Loam Mix Compost

Includes 5% added sterilized loam to create a balanced compost.

Organic Potting Loam-Plus Mix Compost

A specialised mix for growers who require a fine balanced compost using sterilized loam. Also provides increased ballast to help stabilise pots in windy conditions.

How to buy Specialist mixes

Please contact us at info@fertilefibre.com or 01432 853111