How to use Fertile Fibre

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Fertile Fibre coir and composts are really versatile. Use them in hanging baskets, containers and at any point in the growth cycle. Here are some suggestions.

When potting

Loosely fill the pot, make a slightly oversized hole. Place the plant and tap the pot firmly several times on a flat surface. Avoid compaction.

In containers and planters

Large containers may need sand loam or some form of ballast to stop the plant becoming top-heavy. 5Fs fertiliser is recommended before and after planting.

For hanging baskets

Thanks to our coir’s instant rewetting properties there’s no need to take baskets down and soak. When planting, press Fertile Fibre firmly into the bottom and centre of the basket””compacted coir holds more water. Feed with 5Fs or NuGro.

When planting out

You can use our composts to improve soil structure and feed new plants. Add 50/50 to infill soil as you plant. This will feed, encourage root growth and help establishment.

Digging in

A good soil aerator, Fertile Fibre will help feed soil and encourage root growth. It breaks down slowly. For an excellent superfeed add four handfuls of 5Fs per bag of Fertile Fibre.


We recommend little and often! Overwatering is all too easy thanks to coir’s instant rewetting properties and to be avoided. It works well with capillary matting. Check how wet the growing medium is before you water. Although the top surface can be dry, the centre of the pot may still hold water.

How to buy from us

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