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How long can I store bags of Fertile Fibre?

You can store Fertile Fibre growing mediums for up to nine months. Fertilizers last up to two years.

Storage should be under the right conditions— outside, preferable off the ground, and out of direct sunlight. A cool dry shed is ideal— but not under the staging in the greenhouse. Once opened, reseal the bag.

What is slow release?

Slow release refers to the nutrients in our composts. This is the plant food content which is held within the growing medium. Its rate of release depends on moisture and heat.

Is transporting coir from Sri Lanka actually environmentally-friendly?

Considerable effort and good technology ensures that coir is shipped very efficiently. We only transport by sea, which is relatively low impact. One container brings 285 cubic metres of finished material.

How do I avoid getting a green mould on the surface of my pots?

This is caused by over-watering. Coir retains water better than normal composts. So water little and often.

What are the main differences between peat-free Fertile Fibre coir and peat based products?

Our products use coir as the bulk medium. In practice, you won’t notice much difference, as the performance is similar. It has excellent water holding and root development properties.

But you will notice that coir is lighter in weight and cleaner to handle.

Importantly though, coir is a renewable resource. The coir we use is a by-product from other processes. It is not depleting the finite resource of peat bogs.

What is the occasional white bloom in patches on top of the compost?

This is caused by plant food mineralising on the surface of the growing medium. This is exaggerated by excess heat, high humidity and poor light levels.

To solve the problem reduce the heat or humidity and increase the available light. A sprinkling of coarse sand onto the surface helps.

Can I still use my biological control now that I use coir?

Yes, biological control is compatible with all our growing mediums

What is the difference between Seed, Multipurpose and Potting composts?

The blend of plantfood is different in each mix, optimised for the particular application. Find out more in
What’s best: Multipurpose, Potting, Seed Compost?

I have raised beds and need to dig in organic matter to enrich and lighten the soil. What should I use?

A great media would be mixing in rehydrated coir bales into your soil. This will improve your soil structure and make it lighter. If you think you’re lacking some nutrients, Fertile Fibre’s 5Fs fertilizer is a mixed balanced fertilizer.

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