Videos: How to use coir products

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Want to learn how to use Fertile Fibre coir products? The videos on this page give easy, step-by-step instructions.

How to make compost from a coir block


Where to buy coir blocks

Take a look at our coir blocks selection in our online shop.

How to make compost from a coir bale

Where to buy coir bales

Coir bales are available to buy from our online shop.

How to plant seed

Where to buy seed compost made from coir

Check out our online shop’s selection of seed compost. Includes vegan-friendly varieties.

How to plant cuttings

How to pot up

Where to buy organic potting compost

Take a look at our organic potting compost selection. We also stock organic loam potting compost.

How to add organic fertilizer pellets to your compost

How to use liquid fertilizer

How much fertilizer or nutrient should I add?

This all depends on the amount of coir you’re using. No quantities are given in our videos because of this. Please take this into consideration when watching the videos.

Where to buy organic fertilizer

From seaweed extracts to NuGro, we sell quite a selection. Please take a look at our plant foods and fertilizers.

Check us out on YouTube

All our videos are on our YouTube channel.

What we used to film our coir products video tutorials

All videos are filmed using Fertile Fibre coir products. Plants, seeds and props are supplied by The Cottage Herbery.

Have any more questions?

Please call us on 01432 853111 or  email us at info@fertilefibre.com

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