Where to use Fertile Fibre

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Coir’s insulating and water-retaining properties are great for seeds, cuttings, vegetables, herb gardens and more. Want to know where to use it? Read on.

For seeds

Excellent germination and root growth.

For cuttings

Coir’s insulating properties encourage strong root establishment and growth.

Our additional refining process makes our growing mediums ideal for use in plug trays.

In the greenhouse

Fertile Fibre requires less frequent watering, providing a clear advantage for tomatoes and other salad crops to germinate and grow rapidly. Fuchsias, chrysanthemums, geraniums and most half-hardy perennials also establish fast and well.

Border plants

Herbaceous plants can be propagated, potted and grown into healthy plants ready for transplanting to the borders.

Herb garden

Fertile Fibre was originally developed for a herb nursery. It continues to be a highly successful growing medium for all herbs.

Vegetable garden

Get vegetables off to a flying start, whether sown directly into seed drills filled with Fertile Fibre or seeds in a tray.


Tropical plants relish growing in a medium that originates from Sri Lanka.

House plants

Great for repotting and revitalising a wide range of potted plants.

Roof Gardens and Window Boxes

Fertile Fibre is a comparatively light product particularly suited to solving the weight problems of roof gardening and window boxes.

Where to use Fertile Fibre - pallet garden

Pallet Garden image courtesy of The Cottage Herbery nursery

How to buy from us

You now know where to use our coir. But in what form? A look around our online shop will help give you some ideas. It’s packed with products from composts to perlite, seaweed extracts to weed suppressant mats. Or you’re welcome to email us at info@fertilefibre.com or call us on 01432 853111