Organic fertilizers

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Improve your own-made compost by adding these Fertile Fibre organic fertilizers and save money. Just add to your coir block, bales or re-constituted coir.

NuGro Liquid Feed

This highly soluble feed is made from fish derivatives. It contains no mammalian products. Gives fast results plus long-term nutrition. Dissolves quickly and easily and with regular use can be applied at only 5ml per litre.
NuGro’s non-scorching properties allow it to be used as a complete feed at high concentrations (20ml/litre). It is the perfect way to feed coir blocks.

1 litre is enough for 40 coir blocks. We sell both 1 litre and 5 litre bottles of NuGro.

Video showing how to use NuGro with coir

5Fs Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers - general

5Fs General Purpose Organic Fertiliser is eco-friendly and easy to use. It has a balanced nutrient analysis of 5N:5P:5K. The slow release action of this product produces a feed which is long lasting and rich in trace element. It encourages strong healthy growth and improves soil fertility, soil structure and moisture retention.

Ideal for general use around the garden or greenhouse without risk of scorching or leaching. It is free of animal by-products being manufactured completely from vegetable origins. It is the perfect feed for coir blocks.

Nutrient bases for organic fertilizers

We have a unique range of nutrient bases. They’re formulated exclusively for use as a base fertilizer to  incorporate in grow bags and as seed compost. Fertile Fibre nutrient bases is a balanced mix of Soil Association approved fertilizer products. They’re designed to provide essential nutrients and trace elements to the growing plant.


Do you need a natural product to relieve the effects of plant stress during critical periods of growth? Maxicrop is widely used by organic fruit, vegetable and salad crop producers. It helps resist problems due to pest and disease attack. It also minimises environmental stresses.

Help early on

Early on in the growth of a crop, Maxicrop helps stimulate soil microbial activity. It turns over any plant residues and makes nutrients more readily available. It could also reduce nematode damage. This in turn encourages healthier rooting and better crop establishment. There are minimal checks in growth or transplant shock.

Increases growth and disease resistance

During the season, little and often applications, will maintain high leaf chlorophyll levels. This makes the most of available radiation, promoting strong growth. Regular applications will also maintain a high stress-resistance threshold. By doing this, you will help the plant’s internal defence mechanism keep pests and diseases at bay

End of season boost

Towards the end of the season, Maxicrop helps retain green leaf retention and productive growth. It maximises yield potentials and improving crop quality.

Two base liquid products ““ Maxicrop Concentrate and Maxicrop Original – are available. Both are approved for organic growing systems by the Soil Association and have been widely used for years.

Where to buy

All available from our online shop’s Plant Food and Fertilizers section.