How to use 5Fs general fertilizer

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What does 5Fs stand for?

5Fs General Fertilizer is organic, eco-friendly and easy to use. It has a balanced nutrient analysis of 5 parts Nitrogen (N), to 5 parts Phosphorus (P) to 5 parts Potassium (K). The slow release action of this product produces a feed which is long lasting and rich in trace element. It encourages strong healthy growth and improves soil fertility, soil structure and moisture retention.

Ideal for general use around the garden or greenhouse without risk of scorching or leaching. It is free of animal by-products as it’s manufactured completely from vegetable origins. It is the perfect feed for coir blocks.



Before sowing or planting out, rake in 70 – 140 g per square metre (2 – 4 oz per sq. yd.)


Early season: Apply when preparing beds or rows. Work in 105 -140 g per square metre (3 – 4 oz per sq. yd.)

Top dressing in mid season, work in 70 – 140 g per square metre (2 – 4 oz per sq. yd.) dependents on growth stage.


In early summer, lightly work in 50g per square metre (1.5 oz per sq. yd.) When planting shrubs, mix with infill 70 – 140 g per square metre (2 – 4 oz per sq. yd.) This depends on plant size.

Roses and other large flowerers

When planting, mix 105g (3 oz) with infill. Top dress at first bud with 70g (2 oz), and second bud with 70g (2oz).


In late spring, work in 50 – 105g per square metre (1.5 oz – 3 oz per sq. yd.) When planting perennials, mix 35 – 105g (1 – 3oz per sq. yd.) with infill, dependent on plant size.

Top dressing

This refers to improving areas of lawn. Distribute 70 -140g per square metre (2- 4 oz per sq. yd.) It depends on the time of year and growth stages.

Video: How to add 5Fs general fertilizer to coir

Where to buy

You can order this special Fertile Fibre Fertilizer online either as a 5kg quantity or as a 20kg quantity.