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If coir comes all the way from Sri Lanka, what is its carbon footprint?

There are no air miles involved with Fertile Fibre products. We ship in our raw material coir from Sri Lanka. We asked our shipping company how many litres of fuel were used in shipping per tonne from Sri Lanka to UK. More fuel was used per tonne in bring the product from the port to factory than was used to ship it from Sri Lanka.

Saving weight through dehydration

We ship coir that is in a pressed format of 5:1. A full container of 40 foot high cubes transports 4,400 coir bales, each weighing 5 Kg. When this is rehydrated it expands to a massive 286,000 litres of coir or 4,766 x 60 litre bags or 86 pallets.

Other ways we try to reduce our carbon footprint

  • Low energy light bulbs
  • Machines turned off when not in use
  • Redesigned machines to run more efficiently and faster, which uses less energy
  • Use of recycled products wherever possible
  • Recycle all waste, plastic, paper, ink cartridges
  • Use as little of everything as possible
  • Practice a paper-free office, email invoices and trade leaflets. Expanded use of internet.

How to buy from us

Take a look around our online shop, packed with products from composts to perlite, seaweed extracts to weed suppressant mats. Or you’re welcome to email us at info@fertilefibre.com or call us on 01432 853111

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