Our vegan gardening podcast – as heard on Roots And All

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We’re keen to spread the word about our compost, so jumped at the chance of a vegan gardening podcast!

Our vegan credentials

We don’t add any animal products or manure to our vegan composts. Instead we use a blend of vegetable-based nutrients and vermiculite, bark, coir and sterilized loam. This means we’re well-placed to serve the needs of vegans who want to ensure their gardening is animal-free too. We’re also accredited by The Vegan Society.

As heard on Roots And All


The horticulturist Sarah Wilson asked if we’d like to be interviewed for a ‘budcast’ about our compost. This is like a mini-podcast that appears on her gardening blog and podcast site Roots and All. We were honoured, given past interviewees included such vegan gardening heroes as Matthew Appleby and Cleve West.

You can hear the full budcast by following the link and pressing the play button:


A special discount in our vegan gardening podcast

Listeners are entitled to an exclusive Roots And All discount during the interview which applies to all our composts. So keep listening!

Find out more about Fertile Fibre’s Caroline

You will hear the dulcite tones of ‘our’ Caroline, who helps out in our office and is also a passionate gardener. She gives more tips on how to grow with Fertile Fibre in our article Focus on: a green-fingered domestic gardener

How to buy our peat-free vegan compost

You can order all these vegan compost mixes online:

  • Vegan multipurpose compost – our Vegro Multipurpose Compost is perfect for containers, transplants and propagation.
  • Vegan seed compost – our Vegro Seed Compost is ideal for seeds, propagration and cuttings. It is particularly suitable for plant plugs.
  • Vegan potting compost – Vegro Potting Compost is good for crops of heavy production and vigorous growth. Its slow release nutrients encourage strong, even growth.

Want a different vegan compost blend?

We offer other vegan compost blends too. These include tree and shrub potting compost, potting loam mix and a winter seed compost. Just call us on 01432 853 111 or email info@fertilefibre.com for more details.

Boost your own compost with our nutrients

  • Vegan nutrients – mixing these vegan-friendly nutrients with your own compost helps add extra nutrients. You can also add them to coir to make your own compost.

What is Roots and All?

The Roots And All website provides information for gardeners, with a focus on wildlife and the environment. There are vegan gardening podcasts and blogs, but also more general gardening articles. It brings together some of the best-known experts in the world of horticulture and vegan gardening.

What is the background of Roots And All founder, Sarah Wilson?

Sarah originally worked in marketing before becoming a gardener. She trained with the RHS, did a course at Kew Gardeners and volunteered with the National Trust. Her conceptual Synaesthesia Garden design won a bronze medal at the RHS Hampton Court flower show in 2015.

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