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Coir Fertilizer Nutrient Base 1 - 1 Kg


Key features

  • Rich in nutrients

  • Blended to Soil Association standards

  • Easy to adjust quantities to make a variety of composts

  • 1 Kg

  • Delivery included

We have developed this blend using our own nutrients. Mix it with your own compost to give it a boost. Or you can combine it with Fertile Fibre coir to make your own compost.

Compost blends

To make a multipurpose compost

Add approx 58 grams per coir block or 420 grams per bale.

To make a low nutrient compost

To use for seeds, you need to reduce the amount by 40%. Add 35 grams per coir block or 250 grams per bale.

To make a grow bag-type compost

Just increase the amount by 60% compared to making a multipurpose compost. Add 90 grams per block or 650 grams per bale.

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