Fertile Fibre 3 bag Mixed Combo pack


Key features

  • High in nutrients

  • Soil Association permitted product

  • Contains certified organic coir

  • Suitable for a wide range of plants

  • 100% peat-free

  • No green waste

  • Germination test on every batch

3 x 60 Litre bags of Fertile Fibre-Seed-Multipurpose-Potting


This high nutrient compost encourages strong, vigorous, healthy and sustainable growth. Containing high quality products, it provides professional results.

Delivery options

  • Each bag weighs 20 Kg
  • Next day delivery 
  • Three day delivery for a pallet (up to 55 bags)

How to use this compost

  • Do not compact the compost or make it too wet.
  • Loosely fill the pot with the plant central in the pot.
  • Tap firmly on a flat surface two or three times to give stability to the plant.
  • No more compaction is required. Over-compaction increases the risk of water logging, reduces air-filled porosity and restricts root growth.
  • Because of the coir content, you will need to water less frequently than with traditional composts.

More details

Check out our quick and easy video tutorials on planting seeds, cuttings and potting up.

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