Fertile Fibre Multipurpose Compost - 60 Litres


Key features

  • Slow release nutrients

  • Suitable for transplants, containers and propagation

  • Gives strong, even growth

  • Idea for crops of vigorous growth and heavy production

  • Soil Association permitted product

  • Contains certified organic coir

  • Suitable for a wide range of plants

  • Bulk delivery options

  • 100% peat-free

  • No green waste

  • Germination test on every batch

  • Buy 3 for £17.00 each and save 15%
  • Buy 9 for £16.00 each and save 20%
  • Buy 10 for £15.00 each and save 25%
  • Buy 12 for £14.00 each and save 30%
  • Buy 15 for £13.00 each and save 35%
  • Buy 20 for £12.00 each and save 40%
  • Buy 32 for £11.00 each and save 45%

This compost can be used for many plants and purposes. It's particularly suitable for crops of vigorous growth and heavy production. Its slow release nutrients encourage strong, even growth.

Tips for additional feeding

As with other mediums and composts, foliar or liquid feeds are required to provide nutrients for lush growth. Ideally feeding should begin before the plant requires it. That way, there is no loss of plant growth meaning no loss of production.

To add extra plant food whilst potting, add the recommended amount of 5F's general fertilizer. Alternatively use a liquid feed such as NuGro.

Delivery options

  • Each bag weighs 20 Kg
  • Next day delivery for one bag
  • Three day delivery for a pallet (up to 55 bags or 3300 Litres)
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