Fertile Fibre Potting Loam Compost - 35 Litres


Key features

  • High in nutrients

  • Loam provides good water and nutrient retention as well as helping drainage

  • Soil Association permitted product

  • Contains certified organic coir

  • Suitable for a wide range of plants

  • 100% peat-free

  • No green waste

  • Germination test on every batch

  • Buy 2 for £19.50 each and save 14%
  • Buy 4 for £18.50 each and save 18%
  • Buy 16 for £17.50 each and save 23%
  • Buy 38 for £15.50 each and save 32%

This high nutrient compost encourages strong, vigorous, healthy and sustainable growth. Containing high quality products, it provides professional results. Loam is a soil which combines clay, silt and sand. It combines water and nutrient retention with drainage properties.

How to use this compost

  • Do not compact the compost or make it too wet.
  • Loosely fill the pot with the plant central in the pot.
  • Tap firmly on a flat surface two or three times to give stability to the plant.
  • No more compaction is required. Over-compaction increases the risk of water logging, reduces air-filled porosity and restricts root growth.
  • Because of the coir content, you will need to water less frequently than with traditional composts.
  • More details

    Check out our quick and easy video tutorials on planting seeds, cuttings and potting up.

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