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Organic Seed Composts

Organic Seed Composts

Seed peat-free compost

A blended seed mix for excellent germination


  • Enough nutrients for a healthy start
  • Promotes quick germination and fast root growth
  • Soil Association approved
  • Good moisture retention perfect for plugs
  • 100% Peat Free
  • No green waste



Ideal for seeds and cuttings, this is a mixture of organic coir, vermiculite, and Fertile Fibre nutrients.

The coir – made from coconut husk – is great at encouraging germination and fast rooting. The small specks of white and gold vermiculite help control watering. So there’s no need to worry about over-watering. If this happens, the vermiculite will soak up the excess. It will then slowly release the water as the compost dries out.

Tips on using seed compost

You can use the compost straight from the bag.

  1. Place it in a seed tray or pot. Be very careful not to over compact – simply tapping the container on a hard surface is enough.
  2. Place seeds on top.
  3. Cover with the same depth of compost as the thickness of the seed. So if the seed is 1 mm thick, cover with 1 mm of compost.

Don’t over-water. Coir has excellent water holding capacities so this can be a problem. We recommend watering little and often. The compost may seem dry on top but will still be wet underneath, so it’s always worth double-checking before watering.

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