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Vegro Seed Compost -1000 Litres (Bulk Bag)


Key features

  • Ideal for seed sowing, cuttings and propagation

  • Certified seed compost

  • 100% peat-free

  • Insulation properties of coir

  • Encourages quick germination and fast root growth

  • Soil Association permitted product

  • Contains certified organic coir

  • Germination trials are run on every batch

  • No green waste


  • Gardener's World Best For Cutting Compost 2014

We take the finest coir and mix it with vermiculite and our own special organic plant food. This produces a near-perfect seed germinating compost. You'll find no large pieces of material or bits of wood. It's completely free from green waste. Most users get 100% germination.

How to use this compost

  • Do not compact the compost or make it too wet.
  • Loosely fill the pot with the plant central in the pot.
  • Tap firmly on a flat surface two or three times to give stability to the plant.
  • No more compaction is required. Over-compaction increases the risk of water logging, reduces air-filled porosity and restricts root growth.
  • Because of the coir content, you will need to water less frequently than with traditional composts.
  • Tips on potting

    As root growth is so fast, a mat of roots in the tray can form. You should pot plants as soon as they're strong enough. This will avoid root damage.

    We recommend you plant seeds in plugs individually. This reduces the risk of root disturbance. And because of this compost's moisture retention, drying out isn't a problem.

    More details

    Check out our quick and easy video tutorials on planting seeds, cuttings and potting up.

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