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Vegro Seed Compost - 35 Litres


A blended vegan seed mix for exceptional germination



  • Enough nutrients for a healthy start

  • Promotes quick germination and fast root growth

  • Good moisture retention perfect for plugs

  • Specially blended to enhance the insulation properties of coir

  • Vegan Society approved

  • Soil Association approved

  • 100% Peat-free

  • No green waste

  • Buy 2 for £16.00 each and save 20%
  • Buy 8 for £15.00 each and save 25%
  • Buy 16 for £14.00 each and save 30%
  • Buy 38 for £12.00 each and save 40%

Vegro Seed Compost is ideal for seeds, cuttings and propagation. It is vegan-friendly, peat-free and particularly suitable for plant plugs.

To avoid root damage, remember to transfer plants into pots as soon as they're strong enough. We recommend planting seeds in individual plugs. This produces healthy plants unchecked by root disturbance.


Check out our quick and easy video tutorials on planting seeds, cuttings and potting up.

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