Vegro Potting Compost - 60 Litres


Key Features

  • Good for crops of vigorous growth and heavy production

  • Contains slow release nutrients for strong, even growth

  • Contains certified organic coir

  • All ingredients acceptable to vegetarians and vegans

  • Peat-free

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  • Buy 9 for £16.20 each and save 27%
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Vegro Potting Compost gives a high nutrient level ideal for transplants, containers and propagation. It is vegan-friendly and peat-free.

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As with all composts, you will need to add foliar or liquid feeds for the most lush growth. To add extra plant food whilst potting, add a small amount of 5F's general fertilizer. For liquid feed, add Nu Gro.

More details

Find out more about Vegro products in our article about VeGro products.

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