Law's Accelerator (8% nitrogen)


Key features

  • Provides a valuable source of nitrogen

  • Natural plant extract

  • Increases yield

  • Increases sugar content

  • Advances and evens out ripening

  • Improves fruit set

  • Reduces effects of drought or saline soils

  • Reduces cold or frost damage

Law's Foliar N (8% nitrogen) is a natural plant extract. As a source of nitrogen, it balances out short term deficiencies and acts as a bio stimulant.

Application rates

You should apply Law's Accelerator when plants are in need of such a supplement. For example at the start of vegetative growth, at flower and fruit setting and at fruit, tuber, bulb or ear swelling or at colour change.

  • 3-4 litres/hectare for arable crops and potatoes
  • 300 ml/hectare at each of four applications for citrus and fruit crops