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Organic Garden Fertilizer Pellets - 20 Kg


Key features

  • Soil Association approved

  • Animal-free and eco-friendly

  • Balanced 5N 5P 5K formulation

  • Use throughout the year without risk of scorching or leaching

  • Slow release and long-lasting

  • Rich in trace elements

This animal-free organic fertilizer has been blended for us for 20 years. An unique combination of organic ingredients gives a balanced 5N 5P 5K formulation. Its slow release formula encourages strong healthy growth. It also improves soil fertility, soil structure and moisture retention.

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New to gardening? If you're confused by the 5N 5P 5K formulation, this refers to the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the fertiliser. K is the chemical symbol for potassium.

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