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Vegro Coir Nutrients - 1 Kg


Key Features

  • 100% free of animal products

  • Vegetable-based nutrients

  • All ingredients acceptable to vegetarians and vegans

  • Peat-free

Mix Vegro Coir Nutrients with your own compost to give it a boost or with Fertile Fibre coir to make your own compost. It is vegan-friendly.

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  • To make a multipurpose compost: add approximately 58 grams per coir block or 420 grams per bale.
  • To make a low nutrient compost such as for seeds: reduce the amount by 40% (approximately 35 grams per block) or 250 grams per bale.
  • To make a growbag-type compost: increase by 60% (adding approximately 90 grams per block) or 650 grams per bale.

More details

Find out more about Vegro products in our article about VeGro products.

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