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Fertile Fibre Coir Block Bales

Buy your Coir Blocks Bales online

We have been using and selling coir coco cocopeat for nearly 25 years. We buy direct from the manufacture in Sri Lanka and visit regularly to check on quality.

Whether you need bales, bricks, tiles, loose, dry, organic, buffered or washed, we have every type and sort. We supply from one brick to a container anywhere in the world.

These coir block can be used for seed raising or cuttings and as a base for homemade composts or added to aerate garden waste composts. 

How much coir does one bale hold?

A Fertile Fibre compressed coir block (0.625 kg) — the size of a house-brick — will expand to make approximately 9 litres of fibre. It can be used for seed raising or cuttings, as a base for homemade composts. You can add a coir block to aerate garden waste composts. Just soak overnight, and it is ready for use.

You can order as many coir block as you need, from 1 to 1000. Your coir block can be loose or individually shrink wrapped. Take a look at our ordering options in our online shop. If you wish to enquire about trade prices for coir blocks then please contact us.

What’s the best fertilizer?

Straight coir contains only low amounts of plant nutrition but can be used for seeds and cuttings as long as they are potted up once established.

NuGro is a perfect balanced plant food for using with coir block, especially as an initial plant food and for subsequent feedings. NuGro is very easy to use. Just add 24ml in 3 litres of water per block.

The compost from your coir block can now be added to your own compost mixes or can have well rotted manure, green waste, bark, sand, grit etc. added to them. Potting compost will be produced by adding our specially formulated plant food or 5F’s fertilizer.


All the products needed to enhance your rehydrated coir can be found in our Online Shop.


A step by step guide to rehydrating your coir block

Top quality coir

All Fertile Fibre coir is quality controlled, from sustainable organic sources at least 50 miles from the ocean. To ensure freedom from salt — which ruins some of the coir on the market — our product is carefully tested. Tests include electric conductivity, pH, density and consistency, sodium, potassium. Coir is the ideal medium for hydroponics.