Peat-free compost – what are the environmental benefits?

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Why go peat-free? Peat is mined from raised bogs, the remains of a priceless primeval wilderness. They are formed from the decaying remains of plants such as sphagnum mosses. These bogs are home to a variety of plant and wildlife species which can only exist in this unique environment. Because of this, many peat bogs are Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

The attractively bagged peat packs that you see in a garden centre represent an ecological disaster.

Helping protect us against flood surges

Peat bogs in upland areas soak up water. They therefore help reduce the risk of flooding. A pilot study in Ceredigion by the Wildlife Trusts in Wales suggest up to 25% more water could be retained by properly-managed bogs.

A disappearing habitat

Once peat was mined for fuel, but commercial exploitation means that this unique habitat is fast disappearing. Only 6% of Britain’s peat bogs remain in a near natural state. And the same issues apply wherever in the world peat is extracted.

The UK Government’s policy is that peat should be conserved. Conservationists and campaigning organisations are working to achieve a complete ban on peat mining.

Find out more

You can learn more about the issues by reading English Nature – peat bog conservation PDF. Or search for ‘peatlands campaign’ in Google.

Help the environment – don’t use peat

Gardening enthusiasts account for 60% of the peat bought in the UK. So, by purchasing an alternative product, you are making a real difference.

Why Fertile Fibre is better than peat

Peat is not ideal for many of the purposes it is used for. It is a poor mulch, quickly dries out, and is easily blown away.

There are a number of peat alternatives available. Fertile Fibre uses high-quality, sustainable ingredients which are all organically accredited. On a practical level, it re-wets easily, has good water retention qualities, does not blow away in the wind, and is pleasant to handle. No dirty peat-stained fingers with Fertile Fibre.

So you can help the environment whilst improving your gardening experience!

Where to buy peat-free gardening products

Please take a look around our online shop. If you’ve any questions, give us a call on 01432 853111 or email us at info@fertilefibre.com

Gardeners! Please switch to a peat-free alternative

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