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The Truth About Coir...

The coir we use at The FertileFibre Company is a by-product of the coconut harvest, and our coir only comes from organically grown coconut trees in Sri Lanka.

Is all coir the same standard?

No! It’s important to know that all coir is not the same standard! Some coir is sterilised with methyl bromide. This powerful chemical is used as a soil fumigant and to control pests. However, it also depletes the ozone layer, so is completely unacceptable in an organic product. We do NOT use sterilised coir.

Is the transportation of coir environmentally friendly?

Considerable effort and good technology ensure that our coir is shipped very efficiently. We only transport by sea, which has a relatively low impact. One container brings 285 cubic metres of finished material. It is also dehydrated in Sri Lanka to further reduce bulk. We are working hard to offset our carbon footprint with tree planting.

Why is coir available?

Coir is a renewable resource. The coir we use is a by-product from other processes, it is not being grown for our use.

Our Assurance:

We can give complete assurance that our compost is 100% peat free, contains NO green waste, and is 100% Organic, whilst delivering superb growing results. We believe that our consistently high quality compost is the best alternative to peat.

Growing Medium:

Although Fertile Fibre is presented as a compost, we're technically a growing medium. As a growing medium, we provide a mix for plants to be grown in. It provides physical support and delivers nutrients and water. A compost on the other hand is a mixture of decomposing organic matter. 

As this organic matter composts, it releases green house gases and this contributes to climate change. In comparison, a growing medium does not release green house gases because there is no breakdown of organic matter. 

Although, on an individual basis this is small, when compounded the carbon savings can be significant. It is another reason why Coir is a product that helps to support the environment.

View our Coir based Peat Free products here.

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