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What is FertileFibre Plastic Free? 

FertileFibre Plastic Free is the first plastic free growing medium. It was born out of the need to combat needless single-use plastic pollution. 

We are proud to have put together a product that is 100% plastic free. From box to tape, bags to document holders, all of these items can be recycled and sustainably disposed. 

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Why FertileFibre Plastic Free? 


Plastic Free

FertileFibre Plastic Free is exactly what is says on the recycled box. It is 100% plastic free and everything is recyclable or compostable. To show our commitment and transparency towards this goal, we have compiled a list all the items we use in FertileFibre Plastic Free. What are they? Why we chose them? and how to dispose of them? 



The FertileFibre Plastic Free range uses the exact same mixes as our Original and Vegan mixes. This ensures we supply quality compost every time. The Plastic Free compost range allows you to enjoy a plastic free experience whilst still getting access to quality compost in a manageable quantity. 



Our plastic free commitment is something we want to earn. This involves always looking at new ways of improving our FertileFibre Plastic Free range. This means our customers are always getting the best and most environmentally conscious products.  


FertileFibre Plastic Free Breakdown

We guarantee a plastic free experience. To show this commitment and transparency towards this goal, we have compiled all of the items we use in FertileFibre Plastic Free. What are they? Why we chose them? And how to dispose of them? 

Cardboard Box

The FertileFibre Plastic Free range only uses double corrugated used cardboard boxes. 


  • The reduced environmental impact of reused boxes. It takes 17 trees to make 1 ton of corrugated cardboard. We could not justify that environmental impact.
  • The reusing of boxes increases the lifespan, and therefore we don’t need to be using new boxes. It means that fewer trees are torn down and there are less transport and manufacturing emissions.
  • We use cardboard boxes because they can easily be broken down and recycled in your green bin. Or even better repurposed. We love this article from DIY & Crafts about re purposing cardboard boxes! 

How to dispose of a cardboard box?

  • Corrugated cardboard is widely recycled in the UK. Please find a link here to find out more information about your local recycling process. More information about recycling in your area can be found here!


Kraft Tape 

The FertileFibre Plastic Free range only uses kraft tape. 


Kraft tape is made from two component parts:

  • The first is kraft paper which is made from wood, this is pulped and turned into kraft paper products. In our case, tape.
  • The second is biodegradable hot melt self-adhesive backing. This means that over time it will break down. 


  • We chose kraft tape because it is a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plastic tape.
  • It also met our criteria of sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and strong.

How to dispose of a kraft tape?

  • We recommend leaving the tape on the boxes when recycling. During the recycling process it is removed. 

Room for Improvement?

Part of our plastic free commitment is to constantly improve our range! 

Although kraft tape is a much more sustainable alternative to plastic tape and does not contain any plastic. We still feel there is room for improvement. We are constantly working with suppliers to find a more sustainable option which meets our packaging criteria. 


Document Holder

The FertileFibre Plastic Free range only uses recyclable document holders.




  • Our document holders are very important, they hold delivery information and details for the customer. The document holders are transparent and allow the information to be read.
  • We also wanted something recyclable and sustainably sourced. The document holders are 100% recycled paper and are fully recyclable.

How to dispose of the document holder?

  • We recommend removing the document holder from the boxes and recycling it in your green bin.