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The FertileFibre Plastic Free compost range is a bit different to how we normally share our compost! Follow this helpful 'How DIY Plastic Free works?' guide to get the most from your Plastic Free mixes!


1. Choose your compost.

The FertileFibre Plastic Free range is available in our Original Seed and Original Multipurpose Mixes.

  • Seed: This compost is particularly suitable for crops of vigorous growth and heavy production. Its slow-release nutrients encourage strong, even growth.
  • Multipurpose: An excellent all-around general use growing medium. The nutrient levels are low enough for germination and high enough for established plants


2. Choose your format!

  • 70 Litres is the largest format we provide. This is perfect for larger gardens and bigger projects!

  • 10 Litres is good for filling pots and smaller jobs.

  • 5 Litres is the smallest format in the Plastic Free range and it good for singular pots and testing out the plastic free mix. 


3. Order your compost

This can be done on our dedicated FertileFibre Plastic Free page here. 


4. Promptly, your compost will arrive. Check you have everything. 

Your should have the following items within your order:

  • The box
  • A bag of nutrients 
  • A coir block/s


5. Re-hydrate your coir blocks

Remove the coir blocks from the box. We recommend placing your coir block in a bucket, container or even a kitchen pot!  (for the smaller formats)

To the container with the Coir add your water. This amount of water depends on  the size of the coir block. 

  • 70 Litres Plastic Free add 25 Litres of water.
  • 10 Litres Plastic Free add 2 Litres of water.
  • 5 Litres Plastic Free add 1 Litres of water.

Pretty quickly the coir will begin to expand. Once the water has been soaked up start breaking down the lumps and continue to mix. 

Top Tip: Breaking up the lumps with your hands.

This step is complete when the mixture is a rich dark brown, there is no excess water and there are no large lumps. This mixture is the basis of all our mixes and is ready to be sculpted into a FertileFibre compost. 


6. Add and mix the Nutrients. 

There will also be a small brown bag in your box. Add the contents of this bag into your mix. Continue to mix the compost until you the nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the compost. 


7. Enjoy your compost. 

Your hard work and persistence has paid off and you now have a FertileFibre mix and the entire process has been completely plastic free! 

We recommend using your compost as soon as possible for the most effective results. 

8. Finishing up!

Once you have made your compost remember to recycle all of the packaging that came with your order!

More information about recycling our Plastic Free range can be found here. 


If you have any questions or need any help! Please email or telephone us.