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Grow kinder, grow better

The FertileFibre Company is a friendly Herefordshire-based business driven by the philosophy to be smart, sensitive and sustainable in all we do.


Being smart can mean different things to different people. For us, it’s a considered combination of several ideas.

It’s about smart thinking and making informed, insightful decisions. We do this by considering the long-term and what’s over the horizon, rather than being swayed by short-term gains and fleeting trends.

It’s about being smartly presented – hence the recent makeover of our branding, packaging and website, we’re professional and we care about what we do.

We like to think we’re quick-smart, reacting quickly… whether that’s responding to your enquiry or shipping your order.


For us at FertileFibre sensitivity is about being switched on to matters, moments and movements in our world and in yours.

Being sensitive to environmental issues led our founders to develop FertileFibre peat-free compost over 30 years ago, when the damage caused by peat extraction was far from well-known.


We go to great lengths to ensure our raw materials are as eco-friendly as possible. The organic coir we use is a by-product of coconut harvesting, our products give it a new and useful lease of life. We plant trees, generate increasing amounts of our electricity with the help of solar panels and have recently launched a plastic free DIY compost. But we’re just beginning, we’ll continue to explore ways to reduce our carbon footprint.

We’re here today and want to be here tomorrow. And the next day… and the next… for as long as possible. That’s only going to happen if the people, products and planet upon which our business depends are all here too.

Our three principles also underpin our belief that growing kinder enables us all to grow better – something that applies whether we are talking about plants, pets or people. Whether you’re a new or long-term customer, a prospective employee or trade partner, if you share our values, we’re sure to get along.  


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