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Peat is an excellent growing medium, which is why it has proved such a popular choice for gardeners but the attractively bagged peat packs that you see in a garden centre represent an ecological disaster.

Peat is mined from raised bogs, all that is left of a unique primeval wilderness. Formed over millions of years from the decaying remains of plants such as sphagnum mosses, these bogs are home to a variety of plant and wildlife species that depend for survival on their unique environment. Many are designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs).

These peat bogs are also vital for the environment, helping to prevent droughts, floods, and intrusion of saltwater into agricultural areas.

Perhaps the most worrying fact is just how much carbon these peatlands store - it is estimated that they cover around 3% of the earth's surface and store more than 30% of the carbon found in soils worldwide.

The commercial exploitation of these peat bogs and the recent use of vast pieces of machinery means it takes very little time to decimate these sensitive areas. Only 6% of Britain’s peat bogs remain in a near-natural state. Across the world, the loss of these habitats is threatening biodiversity on a huge scale - endangered species like the orangutans and the Sumatran tiger.

Conservationists and campaigning organisations are working to achieve a complete ban on peat mining. This is not something we can put back - once lost - peat bogs are lost forever!

The UK Government’s policy is that peat should be conserved.

These issues are, of course, widely discussed and if you'd like to learn more you will find a tremendous amount of information on the internet.


Gardening enthusiasts account for 60% of the peat bought in the UK.

So, by purchasing an alternative product, you are making a real difference.


Peat is not ideal for many of the purposes it is used for! It is a poor mulch, quickly dries out, and is easily blown away.

While there are a number of peat alternatives available, for most purposes, Fertile Fibre delivers superior results, and of course, it is organically accredited.

You will notice a difference using Fertile Fibre, it re-wets easily, has good water retention qualities, does not blow away in the wind, and is pleasant to handle.