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Fertile Fibre international is looking for franchise partners in Europe as part of its 1st phase expansion.

We are offering the selected franchisee the right to make and sell Fertile Fibre products with ingredients supplied by Fertile Fibre UK, using the Fertile Fibre brand developed over the last 26 years.

Fertile Fibre produces 100% Peat Organic compost and associated Coir products.

Certified Organic by leading international Body.

Sustainable using a waste product.

Tried and tested formula giving excellent results.


  • Direct Franchise
  • 3 year Development schedule
  • Territory (country)
  • Direct regional development agreement of 7 years, with provisions for at least one automatic renewal for a further 5 years, subject to franchisee meeting then franchise criteria, and so long as the franchisee has not been in persistent and serious breach of the development agreement. A renewal fee either for a fixed amount or as a percentage of the initial 10% fee
  • First option and right of refusal to purchase the franchisee’s business at going market value, and FERTILE FIBRE INTERNATIONAL approval of the buyer of the franchisee’s business
  • Provision of full support package. The following offers an overview:


    • General Support
      • Leasing of registered Brand and IIPR.
      • Recommended HR infrastructure for start up.
      • Advice on leasing or purchase of most appropriate equipment and delivery
      • Full operational know how methodologies, and material passed on through training (2 weeks), hands on consultation & monitoring and loan copy of the Franchise Operation Manuals
      • Case studies, marketing and PR material
      • Sales and marketing processes
      • Crisis management methodologies
      • Referrals from Centre and lock into any local national accounts
      • Provision of supplies of coir (Either through FF recognized suppliers in Sri Lanka, or other locally approved suppliers), nutrients (From FF), bags and other products either directly from FF or through approved suppliers
      • Advice on bagging and mixing machines and selection of locally approved technical support
      • Advice on appropriate location (for storage of pallets for supplies in mixing the compost, and bagging & storage) Business planning and development – input to fully capitalize on franchisee market potential
      • Tested quality assurance framework for delivery, and QA germinating each pile to ensure it meets the Soil association standards
      • Website and ecommerce set up guidelines
      • R & D and new products offerings.
      • IT Technical support
      • Easy business roll out, focusing on sub products under the categories of Organic, Vegan, Bio D, Industrial and Ultra new, as well as all Coir products and trade & wholesale, taking into consideration any necessary modifications suggested by the franchisee’s – hands on support with the roll out program
      • Sales process and procedure – tools to identify markets and approach them
      • Delivery charter – quality measures and care skills to customer, wholesale, trade clients, and referrers.
      • Offer support with CRM.
      • Advice on compatible accounting package within or outside the CRM system integrating with FF (Sage)
      • Recommended pricing strategy
      • Guidance on regulations, accreditation and membership of local Association
      • Initial staff and franchisee training (2 weeks), tailor-made to the need of the franchisee, both in the UK and on site during launch.
      • Guidance on legal and Business Insurance policies
      • Data base management and protection, health and safety, employment contracts
      • Guidelines on managing Corporate Clients, growers and private online, or call in customers
      • Supply or guidance on supply of all branded ancillary products supply chain logistics


    • On-going Support
      • 3 visits per year
      • On-going training if necessary – at additional costs to franchisee, unless new and improved ways are to be taught
      • Sales performance and analysis of sales figures polled from CRM, and submission of monthly report by the franchisee
      • Process review / annual business plan and KPI
      • Financial review
      • Stock replenishment on ancillary and nutrients products
      • Technical support and advice
      • Brand protection
      • Back office support
      • Marketing – areas of focus
      • Central search engine marketing
      • Central search engine optimization, at a cost to franchisee
      • Consistent supply chain for coir and nutrients
      • Joint market observation and assessment
      • Communication program (in time annual conference, attendance to which is mandatory, regular online communication & newsletters, and access to FF representative 24/7, plus site visits and business audits)


    • Our view of the fee structure for FERTILE FIBRE INTERNATIONAL is as follows:
      • A ‘Development Fee’ for exclusive regional franchise development rights to a pre defined territory in a country or for a Region / area within the country.
      • Monthly royalty and / or management services fees to cover the full cost of support and brand value and FERTILE FIBRE’s standard Internal Rate of Return on invested capital.
      • Monthly marketing levy should be set between 2-4 % of net turnover
      • License fee for CRM either paid to FF or IT software provider
      • If FERTILE FIBRE undertakes Hosting and SEO on behalf of its franchisees then a hosting fee and SEO contribution can also be charged if these are not part of the marketing levy
      • Additional training fees if this is needed over and above acceptable
      • Franchise Resale fee


    • Contract Renewal fee