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Fertile Fibre's specially selected premium organic coir gives excellent expansion. We have been selling coir products for 30 years and only select the best coir from the best manufacturers. We buy directly from Sri Lanka and know the quality our customers want.  We can supply coir/cocopeat in different sizes and types from one bale to a lorry load, from dry coir to wet coir.

For more information Here.

Compressed Coir once rehydrated is ideal for a multitude of different uses.  It can be used to germinate seeds and establish root cuttings, as a base for homemade composts or added to aerate garden waste composts. Or you can use it to improve borders or vegetable beds by adding organic matter - it's great dug into clay soils to improve the structure. Whether you want bricks, bales, or loose coir we can deliver it.

100% Peat-free.

100% Organic

Free from fertilisers, chemicals and green waste

Need some tips on rehydrating our bales and blocks - check out our youtube tutorials



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New Coir Chips Husk - 4.5 Kg
New Coir Chips Husk - 0.5 Kg

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